During the early days when Newonder founded, there were about 10 employees with less than 1000 m2; until 90s last century, there were around 40 employees with workshops 6000m2. Now, Newonder has developed to be one research and development manufacturer with more than 400 employees and 16000m2 new warehouses, with advanced technology, with professional designing, with experience to produce transformer for frequency converter, reactor.

    In 1983
    Beijing newhuadu reactor factory was founded

    In 1985
    Registering at Industrial and Commercial Bureau, New huadu mainly produces rectifier transformers, power transformers and reactors.

    In 1996
    starting to produce transformers for frequency converter and become to be the first manufacturer in this field. Starting to cooperate with Siemens and supply the transformers for its converter. Now Newhuadu has been the global qualified supplier for Siemens .

    In 1997
    Start the cooperation with ABB and now become the global supplier.

    In 1998
    Start the cooperation with XianXing and Leader & Harvest who are the first group in HV frequency converter manufacturers in China.

    In 2000
    Passing the ISO9001 quality management system

    In 2001
    Approved by Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau officially, on 26th June, Beijing New huadu reactor factory updated its name as Beijing New huadu Special Transformer Co.,Ltd.

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