Coal industry

    Date:2011/4/1 16:22:24

    Successful cases for rectifier and distribution transformers in coal industry


    TieMei Group was founded in October 1999, its predecessor is Tiefa Mining Bureau that is founded in 1958 and has already been 50 years development history. With three cores, Accumulative petroleum industrial reserve is 22.97 million tons.

    In 2009. The group purchased one transformer from Newonder and achieved great economy profit. Besides that, they chose 2 sets transformers SFGN-2300kVA/6kV used in other projects .
    In addition, Newonder supplied the transformers to other core enterprises and win customers acceptance.

    *In 2010, Newonder supplied transformer ZSFG(H)-2300kVA/6kV/0.68kV  for Tianjin equipment company
    *In 2009, Newonder supplied transformers ZSFGN-(1070-1620)kVA/6kV for Tianjin equipment company
    *In 2008, Newonder supplied transformers ZSFGN-(840-2000)kVA/10kV、ZSFGN-(400-1800)kVA/6kV for Henan electric company
    *In 2008, Newonder supplied transformer ZSFGN-1000kVA/0.38kV/1.14kV for Beijing mining company
    Above transformer work well since in service

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