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Transformers for wind power generation are the power transformer after converter, which are used to increase the voltage, in most cases, the voltage will be increased from 690V to 10kv or 35kv which is specially used in wind power generation system.

The transformer for wind power generation from Newonder meets the system special requirements, at the same time; Newonder has considered the operation environment and characters for this kind of product.



Now the wind power generation has been widely used in China. The mainly locations are on land (wind power site in Gansu province, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang province) and at sea(wind power generation around east and southeast place) wind site. Wind power is the one of the new energy and develops rapidly recently



Product name and Model No _________________
Rated power _________________kVA
HV/LV rated voltage ________ /_______ kV
HV/LV rated voltage _________________%
Short-circuit impedance _________________%
Number of phase _________________
Number of winding _________________
Frequency _________________Hz
Using conditions  
Altitude above sea level _________________m
Ambient temperature _________________℃
Pattern of connection _________________
Number of sets _________________
Other requirements _________________
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